Beauty Goes Deeper
Than the Surface

Brisbane’s Award-winning Skinfit Clinic – Creating brilliant experiences through engaging, considerate and mindful therapies.

Skinfit Clinic is a place for Women and Men who have chosen to achieve their best skin. Our competitive prices and tailored treatments make this achievable and more importantly maintainable. We believe beauty goes deeper than the surface. It’s about the way you feel every day.

The name
Skinfit Clinic
embodies our philosophy...

...To maintain beautiful, fit skin for a lifetime.

Our highly trained professional and passionate therapists all share the same goal to give consistent exceptional service tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Making every treatment unique and effective.

At Skinfit clinic we invite you into a chic, ambient and unique environment, inspiring a sense of belonging and comfort. During your initial consultation with one of our expert team members, your main concerns and desires are defined, you will then receive expert advice and bespoke cosmetic treatments.


  • I'm so glad that I found the gem that is the Skinfit Clinic! The service that Celena provides is on a level of its own - my brows won't be touched by anyone else! Book in, I promise you won't be disappointed!
    Meagan Wenborn
  • I am so pleased with my body now and a big reason for that has been because of Celena and her amazing clinic. Her professionalism is outstanding. I still have many more IPL treatments but am very happy and look forward to the results of each one. The environment is also very peaceful with Celena's always wonderful upbeat personality and lovely soft music playing in the background. I recommend highly Celena as a therapist.
    Natalie Cantle
  • I'd never been a repeat customer for facials or skincare until I went to Skinfit Clinic at Chermside. Now, more than a year has gone by and I haven't considered going anywhere else. Celena provides excellent service and advice while really making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I recommend Celena to everyone as I'm sure anyone who goes to see Celena will feel the same.
    Sophia Kiefer

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